Finding Myself in Isolation Collusion

Couples are often in agreement about their major goals in life, so there should be little surprise when being isolated from family and friends is a goal a couple might work on together. There are many times when it is one person manipulating the other to create the isolation, but there are times when isolation collusion is part of their agreement. Each of them want to be together without interference from others, and they work to ensure they have completely cut out all family and friends. It might seem like the ideal way to have a long lasting romance, but there will be issues the couple faces in the future where their isolation might hamper their ability to recover.

Disaster strikes

Couples who have chosen complete isolation from family and friends are not thinking about all the consequences in life, and they can be at a loss for resources when disaster strikes. A severe illness could consume all their resources quickly, and they might find friends and family less than hospitable after being cut out. They will soon be out of good options due to their own behaviour, so they should consider long and hard before deciding that complete isolation is what they want. Even if friends and family help them, it will often come with strings attached for future interaction.

Major disagreements

There can always be a time when people find their views on life are changing, and it can lead to major disagreements for any couple. For those who have chosen to be isolated from friends and family, their disagreement could lead them down a narrow path. Without outside support, one person might feel they must give up the freedom of their own thoughts for those of their partner. It will be the final step in completing their isolation from any others, and it can subjugate a person who originally thought they were making their own decisions.

Imminent divorce

If one person has changed their mind about being isolated, they might find they are in danger of imminent divorce from their partner. The other person will be less likely to reverse their original decision, so the couple will split. For those who are lonely and find family unwilling to communicate, they can turn to fuck buddies services such as Shag Local. The ladies will be there to listen and sympathise until reconciliation with former friends and family becomes possible.

Couples who work together in leaving their friends and family far behind can regret their decision far into the future, but many of them are unwilling to think about that as they move away. For those who face a disaster without support, trying to get help from family can be nearly impossible. If the couple find their relationship is less than stable, family and former friends could be unwilling to help the partner who wants to leave. Sympathy might only be obtainable in the form of a fuck buddy, but they can never replace the care and comfort of being with relatives who have known a person for their entire life.