No More Ridiculous Rules

When two people get into a relationship, they often choose to move in together even before they make a legal commitment. Both of them generally look forward to this big step in their lives, but it can come with a few strings attached. One person might have ever had few rules for their living arrangements, but they might be choosing a partner who has a long list of them. One of the things most people who break off an engagement of marriage cite is the freedom from the demands of their partners. There are no more ridiculous rules to follow, and they can now live a relaxing lifestyle.

Coats and shoes

Many people have grown up with a certain set of rules, and they often refuse to give them up when they become adults. Parents who made them always hang up their coats and put their shoes away when entering the home might carry their habits into their own homes. When sharing a home with a new partner, they are often insistent on these rules being followed all the time. it can cause them to nag their partner, and the tension it creates between the two can set the tone for a relationship that will not last long.

Making the bed

Being single means choosing a lifestyle that is suitable to the individual, so making the bed is something they can decide whether or not to do every day. It could eventually become a chore to face these decisions all the time, but most people settle into a lifestyle that fits their needs so the decisions come naturally. For those who broke up with a partner who never picked up anything, making the bed can become their ritual to signify their new independence. They now get to make the rules, and many of them have found it feels good to keep the place a nice or messy as they want.

Arranging the furniture

Everyone has their own style of living, and many couples might disagree on how to arrange their lives. When it comes to arranging the furniture, they might find their lifestyle clash. Those who have left a long term relationship suddenly find they are able to make their own choices according to how they like to live, so arranging everything in their lives become easier. There are no more arguments about where to put the television, and they can even choose to go back to the arrangements they had before getting into the relationship.

There are many good things about being in a committed relationship, but there are some freedoms many sacrifice to make their partner happy. When they leave the relationship, they can begin to explore their new world. How they keep their home is now their own business, and they do not have to consult anyone before making their decisions. It is a time when they will suddenly realize there are no more ridiculous rules to follow, and they can make choices based on their own needs. Even little things like making sure the television is exactly where they want it can become a happy experience.